Year Group

Year 9

Leader of the Learning Community

Miss A Holland

Assistant leader of the Learning Community

Miss C Fagan

Year Group Ethos

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to continue to lead a promising cohort of pupils through success at Robert Clack School of Science.  This Year 9 cohort proved to be a formidable group, settling in extremely well to the values and ethos at Robert Clack School.


Success is multi-dimensional and Robert Clack recognises it in the forms of academia, extra-curricular activities, creativity, building positive relationships and developing moral awareness. We would like to see each and every member of the year 8 community take full advantage of the opportunities provided, overcome challenges that will come their way and cultivate relationships with peers and staff.  Partaking in these endeavours will scaffold them with support and knowledge they require for their future.


The strength of this year group is their perseverance and resilience.  Our vision as a year group is to persistently strive for excellence, demonstrate academic prowess and continually develop crucial lifelong skills. This vision holds a mind set upon recognising strengths and building upon weaknesses with determination and tenacity. As a year group we believe that persistence supersedes talent, genetics and luck.  There can be no success without it.


As a community we applaud pupil achievement both in and outside of school in the form of weekly assemblies. There is particular praise for attendance, merits, appraisals, sporting success and curricular progress. Every pupil in the Year 8 cohort has the opportunity to achieve.  We look forward to seeing this cohort grow cohesively as a community.


To form an environment where a young person can flourish requires a collaborative approach. I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and guardians for their support. If you would like to discuss pupil progress or welfare, please feel free to contact me.


It is with great pleasure I to continue to support the Year 9 cohort who have proven to be proud ambassadors of Robert Clack School.


Miss A Holland

Year 9


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