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Following our successes last year I have set the Year 9 a challenge to find their big picture. Therefore this year, more importantly than any other year at Robert Clack, students will be deciding their future and it is vital that they have a goal for themselves that makes them happy and makes them feel successful. Whichever path they chose it is imperative that they clearly see their finishing line and that they work hard to achieve their goals. By challenging the Year 9s to find their big picture, it means that for this to become a reality, their appraisals, levels, exam results and behaviour must all reflect hard work and commitment to their studies. This will then lead them to success and fulfillment.

I am extremely proud to be leading a talented, enthusiastic and ambitious Year 9 cohort this year. I have already been impressed by the students’ positive attitude and endeavor as we start a new academic cycle and start preparing for the future challenges of the GCSEs.

This is a vital year for the Year 9 cohort as it is about strengthening the foundations and improving upon their results from the year before. Crucially this year brings the opportunity for pupils to start thinking about and ultimately choosing their subjects for GCSE. The pupils will receive a significant amount of guidance in this area from their subject teachers and it is vital that this advice is taken on board to allow a smooth transition into Year 10.

I feel very lucky to witness such amazing talent flourish in this year group, as I did for the previous year, and every week that passes I still witness talent being fulfilled. This year group never ceases to surprise me and in that respect I am very much looking forward to many more surprises and plenty of achievement this year.

I feel honoured to have been their head of year for a second time and I am delighted to continue with such a kind, high achieving and talented year group. I look forward to seeing them mature further this year into fine young adults, as they continue their journey at Robert Clack.

Mrs Sloan


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