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Year 9

Year Group

Year 9

Leader of the Learning Community

Miss H Hamid

Assistant leader of the Learning Community

Miss N Montgomery

Year Group Ethos

It is a privilege to be leading and supporting such exceptional students through their third year at Robert Clack School.


Year 9 is a critical year in a child’s development. Not only are they creating and finding their own identify and persona but they are also developing their academic skills. Consequently, this year my vision is for students in year 9 to become resilient, enthusiastic learners who are happy and healthy. Through the school’s curriculum, extra-curricular activities and various opportunities bestowed upon the year group, students are able to develop the skills required for a successful future.


This is a vital year for the Year 9 cohort as it is about strengthening the foundations and improving upon their results from the year before. Crucially this year brings the opportunity for pupils to start thinking about and ultimately choosing their subjects for GCSE. The pupils will receive a significant amount of guidance in this area from their subject teachers and it is vital that this advice is taken on board to allow a smooth transition into Year 10.


At Robert Clack School we aim to create an aspirational learning environment that is dedicated to high expectations and supporting all students. We understand the importance of cohesion and citizenship, not only within a school setting but also within the wider community.


Our year 9 community is one that is built upon academia, perseverance, determination and respect.

As a year group we strive for excellence in all that we do. I know that this year will be one that is full of accomplishments, accolades and success for this year group. I feel very lucky to witness such amazing talent flourish in this year group, as I did for the previous year, and every week that passes I still witness talent being fulfilled. This year group never ceases to surprise me and in that respect I am very much looking forward to many more surprises and plenty of achievement this year.


I feel honoured to have been their head of year for a second time and I am delighted to continue with such a kind, high achieving and talented year group. I look forward to seeing them mature further this year into fine young adults, as they continue their journey at Robert Clack School.


Miss H Hamid

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