Year Group

Year 8

Leader of the Learning Community

Mrs A Sloan

Assistant leader of the Learning Community

Miss S Zuccaro

Year Group Ethos

I am extremely privileged to be leading a talented, enthusiastic and ambitious Year 8 cohort this year. I have already been impressed by the students’ positive attitude and endeavour as we start a new academic cycle setting a great example to the new Year 7 cohort.


This is a vital year for the year 8 cohort as their key to success this year is for them to show compassion, a strong work ethic and to have high aspirations. This will help them to improve upon their results from the previous year and encourage them to be ambitious. In many subject areas, this is also a year that allows a smooth transition towards Year 9 where they will start planning their future ahead.


This year I would like to challenge the Year 8 to be the best year 8 they can be which means that for this to be a reality, their appraisals, levels, exam results and behaviour must reflect their hard work and commitment to their studies. By ensuring an excellent attendance and showing respect to each other and their teachers I am confident that this can be achieved.


Therefore, my vision for the year group this year is that together we grow stronger as a community. Having a strong Year 8 community will inevitably feed into even stronger Robert Clack family.


In addition to their academic success I am also looking forward to watching their achievements on the sports field, in music, debating and many other extra-curricular activities.


My general feeling of the year group so far has been very positive and is one of students who are trying their best and being the best that they can at all times. I am looking forward to seeing them grow into very accomplished and mature young students.


Mrs Sloan



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