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Year 8

Sixth Form Mission Statement

Leader of the Learning Community

Assistant leader of the Learning Community

Miss H Hamid

Miss C Bond

Year Group Ethos

I am extremely pleased with being given the opportunity of leading this outstanding year group. I was very impressed with hearing about the progress these young people made at the end of Year 7, both academically and socially.

This is a vital year. It is about strengthening the foundations and improving upon the results from the year before. Furthermore, acting as mentors and role models for the new cohort of pupils coming into the school.

My vision for this year group:










Every day we are faced with new challenges and choices. They can be academic, economical or social and can vary in terms of their importance. It is essential that young people are given the opportunity to understand that the choices they make eventually have an impact on their future. At Robert Clack we pride ourselves in aiming for excellence. Instilling this philosophy in the young children will enable them to have high expectations of themselves and make the right choices on their journey to excellence.

The community spirit that exists in this school enables the pupils to have a secure and conducive environment for learning and achieving. Pupils’ successes both inside and outside of the school are celebrated on a weekly basis during assemblies – this includes excellent attendance, appraisals, progress (in all subject areas), merits and achievements in extra-curricular activities. This year, there is also an opportunity for all the pupils to apply for the Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl roles for the Lower School. This is a huge honour for the pupils and I expect a substantial number of applicants. I am excited and feel great pride in being part of the deliberating process. I look forward to the occasion of announcing the two ambassadors for this year group and the Lower School.

The success of young children cannot be achieved without the collaborative support of parents and carers. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your on-going support.

Let there be no barriers and let this year group go on to become a huge success.




Notable successes with the year group

There has been a significant number of applicants for the Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl roles. This goes to show the level of enthusiasm and maturity that exists within the cohort.

Pupils are maintaining the high standards with a considerable number of them receiving nominations and certificates in weekly assemblies.

There has been a number of sporting successes for both boys and girls. This includes: rugby, football and netball. Once again, these are being celebrated in weekly assemblies

Pupils have also embraced the Literacy initiative, known as Word of the Week. This is a Whole School strategy that is inclusive to all subjects. Every week pupils are given a new word, which they are to use correctly in a sentence. This had already proved popular with staff and pupils. Furthermore, there is the added incentive of receiving recognition in assemblies and accumulating points for their respective form group.

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