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Year 11

Year Group

Year 11

Leader of the Learning Community

Miss H Bhudia

Assistant leader of the Learning Community

Mr P Ndiaye

Year Group Ethos

It is an honour to be the Head of Year 11 this year. It is the most critical academic year the pupils will have faced so far. Year 11 is a time for students to show they have resilience, perseverance and determination; all skills they have been developing throughout their time at Robert Clack School.


Here at Robert Clack we take pride in the support and encouragement we are able to offer our students, it enables them to succeed to the best of their ability in all their subject areas. At times students require more support in reaching their potential, and I am looking forward to further assisting all pupils in my year group to succeed.


I was a pupil of Robert Clack School and I am now proud to be supporting this fantastic year group through their final GCSEs. I am sure together we can achieve great things this year.


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