Year Group

Year 10

Leader of the Learning Community

Miss R Korimbocus

Assistant leader of the Learning Community

Mr B Bamgboye

Year Group Ethos

I am delighted to be leading the Year 10 cohort through their GCSE years at Robert Clack School. Year 10 is the beginning of Key Stage 4 option subjects chosen in Year 9. I believe it is vital for students to have a positive fresh start on the upper school site, as this will be the beginning of their academic success.


This year group are continually reminded of the Robert Clack ethos and values as we equip students with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to fulfil their potential and make a valuable contribution to society. We have an environment of mutual respect where students respect their teachers, support staff and of course eachother, which has lead these pupils to have compassion for others.


As Head of Year, I am a firm advocator of discipline. It is imperative that students are behaving appropriately at all times and especially in class where they learn the GCSE content. However, the discipline instilled in these students at school will guide them towards having self-discipline in the future as they grow up to be successful adults. This Year 10 cohort have high expectations and aspirations of themselves and I strongly believe that they will achieve their goals given the hard work they will put in throughout the next two years.


I endeavour to build positive relationships with students and parents and although I have only just started working with this year group, I intend to form strong bonds with these students until the end of their journey at Robert Clack.


Miss Korimbocus

Year 10


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