Using your planner effectively:


Every student will receive a school planner at the beginning of each term. This is designed to help planning, organisation and time management, to ensure that homework deadlines are met and students learn the important study skill of planning ahead.


The form tutor and subject teachers can write a message or a comment for parents to read and respond to. Parents should feel free to do the same. If correctly used, student planners provide another opportunity for parents to keep in contact with the school. It is of paramount importance that parents use the planner to keep in touch with their child’s day to day progress.


  • Planners must be brought into school every day and placed on the desk at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Planners must not have any graffiti on/in them.
  • All homework tasks or reminders are to be written in the planner.
  • Planners should be used to support progress by keeping student grades/levels updated.
  • Planners must be checked and signed by a parent/guardian at the end of each week. Pupils who have not had their planner signed by a parent/guardian on the form tutors inspection will have a 15 minute detention issued.
  • The planner is an important tool for tracking detentions. Any detentions over 15 minutes will require notice and this will be provided through the school planner.

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