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Sport Level 3 CTEC (A Level equivalent)



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About the subject

The current year 13 students are completing the final year of a BTEC National Subsidiary diploma in Sport. This is a qualification that comes to an end in its current format at the end of the academic year.

The year 12 students are starting a new Cambridge Technical qualification, the extended certificate in Sport and Physical Activity.

Both are level 3 qualifications which are equivalent in size to 1 A’level.

Both qualifications cover a breadth of study that will allow students to access tops sports universities and employment opportunities.


Year 12 Overview – Cambridge Technical Extended certificate in sport.

Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity is a qualification that is equivalent in size to one A Level.

It provides the same amount of UCAS points as an A’level and is recognised by universities.

It is a vocational qualification which means it will place students in practical situations that will be useful experience for future careers in sport.

The Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport is achieved through the completion of 5 units.

1. Body systems and the effects of Physical activity – 90GLH – Mandatory – External assessment.

2. Sports coaching and leadership – 90GLH – Mandatory - Internal assessment

3. Sports Organisation and development – 60 GLH – External assessment.

5. Performance analysis in sport  and exercise – 60 GLH - Internal assessment (1 of 9 optional units)

18. Practical skills in sport and physical activities – 60 GLH –  internal assessment (1 of 9  optional units)



Year 13 BTEC National Subsidiary diploma in sport

The Edexcel National Subsidiary Diploma In Sport consists of three core units plus three specialist units that provide for a combined total of 360 guided learning hours(GLH).

Core units are completed in Year 12

—  Unit 1 – Principles in anatomy and physiology in sport

—  Unit 2 – The physiology of fitness

—  Unit 3 – Assessing risk in sport

—  Unit 7 – Fitness testing for sport and exercise

Specialist units to be completed in Year 13

—  Unit 5 – Sports coaching

—  Unit 8 – Practical team sports

Unit 12 – Current issues in sport


Exam board used for A Level or BTEC

Year 12 – Cambridge Technical – OCR

Year 13 BTEC - Edexcel


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