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Skills For Life

Skills for Life is about introducing students to important life issues which will affect us as adults. Key themes include; Citizenship and Personal, Social, Career and Health Education.  Individualised year group curriculum planning gives all pupils the opportunity to experience and learn to prepare for real life situations, such as shopping, crossing the road to meal planning.  These practical life skills are an essential part of learning to be independent, feeling confident in the community and help to develop self-esteem.


In the Autumn, the pupils begin with Healthy Lifestyles which focuses on the health effects of the pupils learning and social aspects. The Winter unit is Careers which focuses supporting students discover the vast world of employment along with GCSE course selections.  Within the Spring and Summer term, students are taught an active citizenship through Social Education with main themes such as physical safety, online safety and peer pressure.  The students will then move onto Political Education to learn and discuss the UK political parties and current events.  Lastly, the pupils will be focusing on Personal Education that includes finances and summer safety.


We have included the incorporation of the critical skills of literacy and numeracy.  We have linked in critical literacy skills such as presentational speaking, questioning, debate, speech writing and reading skills.  The students also receive practice of numeracy within each lesson such as ‘Beat the Clock”.


Whilst the development of life skills is embedded into the daily education and care for all pupils, we also have a rolling programme time within the weekly timetable to concentrate on these vital skills for everyday life.



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