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School Council (Lower Site)

The school council on the Green Lane site has over 40 members. Classmates vote for their chosen Councillor each September and they represent their form for one year .The council meets twice a month before school and here they discuss issues that concern the student’s and challenges facing the school as a whole.


The council meets VIPs and help in the interview process for new staff. The council represents the school at borough wide conferences and has taken part in many national campaigns especially those which involve young people’s safety.


In the past the council has fed back to the House of Lords and the Home Secretary. Councillors can place items on the fortnightly agenda and keep their forms updated with news during form time.


School Council (Upper School)

The council has continued to thrive and remains a very significant part of Robert Clack School. The Upper Site council consists of around 60 pupils, representing all year groups (from Year 9 – Year 13). The Council meet every week in order to discuss various projects related to the various sub-committees.


The sub-committees include:-

  • Administration
  • School Newspaper
  • Healthy Eating/Living
  • Curriculum
  • Prom & Charities
  • Educational trips
  • Sustainability/Eco schools


Some of the successes which the council have been involved in include:-

  • Prospective staff interviews
  • Healthy eating initiatives
  • A sustainability project (Winning an eco-schools award!!!)
  • Theatre trips to the West End
  • A trip to Thorpe Park
  • Implementing a School Council internet site,
  • Hosting an extremely prestigious event, the Urban Question Time
  • An ITN News episode
  • Writing articles for and editing an edition of The Dagenham Post
  • Organising fundraising events for the school’s “Florio Fund”, helping to raise £50,000
  • Organising fundraising events for numerous charities including Bone Cancer Research and Little Haven’s Hospice
  • Launching a school newspaper


An article in the Times newspaper reported our school council as being ‘a class apart’.


Stephen Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, awarded the council with a certificate of recognition!





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Tel: 020 8270 4200