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About the subject

From years 7-9 students have an opportunity to learn about the Six Major World Religions.  After learning the fundamentals about these faiths, students consider various topics and consider religious as well as personal responses to these issues.  During lesson time they will focus on comparing the beliefs of at least two of the Six Major World Religions, any of the religions not covered in class will make up a part of the homework project assignment to ensure a wide and varied curriculum whilst KS3 students learn the skills needed for GCSE. Discussion and debate are an integral part of the way that this subject is delivered.

KS3 RE Homework Projects


As a department we recognise both the importance of homework and allowing pupils the opportunity to practise independent learning.  To allow these two aspects of education to work in R.E at Key Stage 3, pupils undertake a termly homework project.


At the beginning of each term or half-term pupils will be given a choice of which projects from their current areas of learning and are expected to work on their chosen project over an extended period of time.  Throughout the time allowed for pupils to complete their projects, they will be required to provide their R.E. teachers with an update on their progress through the use of the ‘Checkpoint’ tasks.  Pupils will be to complete this activity every second or third week, with the final deadline of the project being at the end of term or half-term.

All homework is set via Google Classroom, and on their subject page, they will have access to all resources and instructions to help them with their work.  It is also expected that all homework is submitted on Google Classroom, with exception of large posters or models of places of worship.  Google Classroom can be accessed online at home and during ‘Safe Place’ and homework clubs at school.  In addition to this pupils can download the Google Classroom and Google Docs apps for their smart phone or tablet.


At GCSE students follow the Eduqas specification this is a curriculum where they look at a number of themes and consider them with reference to two different religious traditions.  The students are assessed by three written examinations with no coursework or controlled assessment. During lesson time they will primarily focus on the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Islam whilst applying these ideas to ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia and relationships. They will also be given the opportunity to consider the beliefs of humanists and share their own beliefs surrounding the issues discussed in lesson.

Across all Key Stages R.E. makes a key contribution to Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education of students.  The subject allows students to develop the skills of argument and critical evaluation.


Year 7 Overview

Introduction to the 6 Major World Religions

Religious Festivals

Joining a Religious Community focusing on Christianity and Sikhism

Death and the Afterlife focusing on Christianity and Hinduism

Religious Expression focusing on Buddhism and Islam

Religious Rules focusing on Judaism and Sikhism


Year 8 Overview

Ethical issues:


Prejudice and Discrimination focusing on Christianity and Sikhism

Freedom and Forgiveness focusing on the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust

Commitment focusing on Christianity and Buddhism

War and Peace focusing on Hinduism and Islam


What is Humanism?

Human Rights comparing ideas of the Six Major World Religions


Year 9 Overview

Ethical issues:


The Environment focusing on Judaism and Hinduism

Crime and Punishment focusing on Christianity, Humanism and Islam

Medical Ethics focusing on Sikhism and Buddhism


Philosophy of religion:

What do we mean by Truth?

The Problem of Evil

Where was God during the Holocaust?


Year 10 Overview

Component 1: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World


Issues of Relationships

Issues of Human rights

Issues of Life after death

Issues of Good and evil


Exam board used for GCSE

WJEC Religious Studies Specification B


Link to the specification from the exam board

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