Robert Clack is proud of its links to the Prince’s Teaching Institute. We have been working with the scheme from its inception and have used the opportunity to forge links with other schools and to develop our practice across the departments within the school.


The Princes Teaching Institute was founded to support schools to develop, strengthen and promote traditional subjects and the quality of subject specific teaching.


We currently have seven departments involved in the Programme: Art, English, History, Maths, MFL, Music and Science.


At the moment our departments are working on the following projects:


Art: To develop an Introductory Foundation stage in SOWs at KS3. The Foundation Stage would support our student's tool kit of skills and understanding of how to record effectively. We want to focus on Drawing and Recording. The aim is to support our students to draw accurately and expressively from direct observation encouraging effective analysis and recording skills.


English: Raising level of challenge in literature outside and inside the curriculum. How can we break down barriers to accessing challenging texts?


History: To what extent can an extended and academically rigorous curriculum increase student attainment at Key Stage 5?


Maths: Does the use of ICCAMS actually Increase Students Confidence and Competence in Algebra and Multiplicative Structures (ICCAMS)?


MFL: To what extent does the use of authentic resources aid in creating a more positive attitude towards the learning of languages?


Music: Project title to be confirmed in July 2017


Science: How can we enthuse the wider community in science?


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