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PSHE  -  Personal Health and Social Education


Subject leader

Mr John Hamill


About the subject

PSHE is taught to pupils in Years 7-9 through Skills for Life,on successive lessons once a week, this is delivered by the pupil's form tutor. Pupils in year 10 and 11 have one lesson a week taught by a qualified PSHE specialist. These lessons include preparation for interview techniques and a two week Work Experience placement. PSHE deals with the well-being of all students and the skills students need for 21st century employment, such as Curriculum Vitae (CV) editing, sex education, money management, interview skills, personal safety, healthy relationships, citizenship and personal health.


Year 7 Overview

Skills for Life explores topics such as healthy lifestyles, careers/further education, social education, political education and personal finances. The topics have a concurrent theme of personal safety throughout the year.


Year 8 Overview

The Year 8 curriculum builds upon that studied in Year 7 but with older pupils comes different scenarios. Students have the opportunity to work on their literacy skills through targeted interventions.


Year 9 Overview

As pupils turn from children to adults,  PSHE enables pupils to explore the factors that effect their lives and helps to educate them in how to deal with those changes they experience. Throughout this year, those factors are explored and discussed in mature environments. Selected year 9 students act as reading mentors to year 7 students to develop their reading.

During year 9 student will go on a careers and historical based visit to Ironbridge in Shropshire.


Year 10 Overview

Careers Education features heavily in Year 10,  including the use of careers software:Kudos. Students also study: skills the 21st century, sexual health & personal well-being, citizenship, interview skills and the year culminates in a work experience placement.


In year 10 each pupil will experience an employers interview skiils day with up to 30 employers in the leisure centre 4 weeks before going on work experience.

Year 10 and 11 also have apprenticeship opportunity presentations from a variety of agencies during PSHE lessons.


Year 11 Overview

Pupils in their final year of GCSE focus on Careers Education. They have the opportunity to work on their CVs, application forms, and developing their skills for employment. Alongside this they also learn about sexual education, personal finance, personal safety and study skills.

In year 11 and beyond into 6th form students are able to participate in a range of careers educational visits. These visits are often to the city of London, through the school's business links to The Worshipful Livery Company of Chartered Surveyors.

These trips include law visits to the Old Bailey, Middle Temple Hall and tours of the city from professionals. Students are able to attend the careers day in the historic Guildhall.


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