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About the subject

Physics is the study of properties and interactions of matter and energy. Our understanding of many features of the everyday world relies on knowledge drawn from the ideas and methods of physics. In this course the basic principles of physics are introduced and, through example, placed in the context of the world in which physics is used.

The course also introduces the different scales of physicists’ interests, from planets to atoms. Venturing into the field of Particle Physics provides students with a new interest and dimension to their knowledge of the subject. Some of the things studied in the particle physics unit are the nucleus including particles, antiparticles and photons, hadrons and leptons; the quark model; Quantum phenomena including photo electricity, energy levels and photon emission and wave particle duality.

Physics is a science course and therefore has a practical component.

Possible links to employment include engineering, medical physics, meteorology, computing, material science and environmental physics.



Year 12 Overview

1 Measurements and their errors

2 Particles and radiation

3 Waves

4 Mechanics and materials

5 Electricity



Year 13 Overview

6 Further mechanics and thermal physics

7 Fields and their consequences

8 Nuclear physics

9 Astrophysics

(Practical endorsement included)



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AS Physics


A Level Physics







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