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Philosophy and Ethics



Philosophy and Ethics


Subject leader

E Valentine


About the subject

Philosophy, Ethics and the Development in Christian Thought is a foundational subject for many other subject areas.  Philosophy is concerned with seeking to find answers to “ultimate questions” about the meaning, purpose and origin of life.  In Ethics students consider different approaches to making moral decisions and apply these ideas to various issues.  Students are also given the opportunity to study the Development in Christian Thought, whereby they focus on key Christian beliefs, such Life after Death, The Person of Jesus, Liberation Theology and issues surround gender.  Students during lesson time will be able to assess the history behind these beliefs and how they work in a modern society.


Philosophy, Ethics and the Development in Christian Thought is an essay based subject in which students develop the skills of logical and rational argument, analysis and critical evaluation. This subject is examination based, at the end of both Year 12 and 13 students will three exams one for each component of the course.



Year 12 Old Spec

Year 12 Philosophy:

Ancient philosophical influence- Who were Plato and Aristotle

Soul, mind and body

The existence of God

Religious Experience

The Problem of Evil


Year 12 Ethics:

Natural Law

Situation Ethics

The application of Euthanasia to Situation Ethics and Natural Law

Kantian Ethics


The application of Business Ethics to Kantian Ethics and Utilitarianism


Year 12 Development in Christian Thought:

Augustine’s teaching on human nature

Death and the Afterlife

Knowledge of God’s existence

The person of Jesus Christ

Christian Moral Principles

Christian Moral Actions


Year 13

Year 13 Philosophy:

The Nature of God

Religious Language

Religious Language in the 20th Century


Year 13 Ethics:

Meta-Ethical Theories


Sexual Ethics


Year 13 Developments in Christian Thought:

Religious Pluralism and Theology

Religious Pluralism and Society

Gender and Society

Gender and Theology

The Challenge of Secularism

Liberation Theology and Marx


Exam board used for A Level or BTEC

Religious Studies - H172, H572


Link to the specification from the exam board


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