Author Alex Woolf at Robert Clack’s English Excellence Day

Andrew, Fatoumatta, Louise and Mojoy

June 2017



We are very excited to welcome children’s author Alex Woolf as our main speaker at this years English Excellence Day to be held on July 17th 2017.


English Excellence Day is a chance for the English department on both the lower and upper sites to celebrate the opportunities and vast diversity the subject of English can offer students at KS4, KS5 and beyond.

Alex will be giving a ‘Big Talk’ to kick the day off about his exerpiences and will then take part in a Q&A from those who are lucky enough to take part in the day. There will also be an opportunity to meet the author, buy one of his books and get it signed!


In preparation for his visit, we, the Robert Clack BBC School Report team, were lucky enough to ask him some questions in a candid interview.


Alex grew up in Wilsden Green, North West London, where he started writing when he was 11 years old. He began his love for writing by creating graphic novels and telling stories as he played with his toy soldiers in his attic. He started to discover he had quite the imagination and found creative writing a wonderful way of expressing his imaginings to others. From this moment on, he never stopped writing. Some of his favourite authors as a boy were Roald Dahl, Isaac Assimov, Arthur C Clark and John Wyndhum, a prominent science fiction writer, who was perhaps was his biggest influence.


Alex currently lives in Southgate, North London, near his family and friends. He receives inspiration for his stories from small things like something he has read in a newspaper or in a novel, to major events in history, as a lot of his stories are historical fiction.


Alex writes books that he hopes engages people and his main aim is to tell a good story. He also wants his readers to learn something from his books and inform them about an event or a point in time they might not know about.

We were keen to ask him what his top tips were for budding authors and his advice: Read! A lot. He told us it is a good way of learning and developing your writing skills as writing is ultimately a craft and the more you practice, the better you become.


If you are interested in meeting Alex at English Excellence day, keep an eye out for various opportunities avaliable through the English department or ask your class teacher.



MFL  Pen pal scheme


After a few months of intense coordination and preparation, 4 groups at KS3 have successfully engaged in a pen pal scheme with a school in France. Our partners on the continent at the ‘ Collège Pierre Dubois’  and ‘Robert Clack School of Science’ are very pleased to see our efforts to come to fruition.


Miss Sabrina Hamama  from ‘Pierre Dubois’ and  Ms Elizabeth Muller from ‘Robert Clack’ hope that this new partnership will allow our pupils to develop their confidence when using their linguistic skills in a real life context, whilst potentially building new friendships.


At ‘Robert Clack’, the pupils’ dedication, creativity and enthusiasm seen in the classrooms has been outstanding. Bravo!


The MFL department is hoping to develop new links with other schools in the continent and beyond in order to offer a similar opportunity to even more groups at ‘Robert Clack’.


 In the meantime, enjoy these pictures !

Robert Clack’s First Ever Spelling Bee – A Great Success!


On Monday 13th March Robert Clack held its first ever Spelling Bee on the lower school site for KS3 students. The event ran from 4:00-6:30, and consisted of three separate competition rounds (Year 7 Spelling Club, Year 7s, and Years 8 and 9). There were snacks and treats for sale, and prizes to won. All prize money went towards improving and refining the library facilities on the lower school site. In total, we raised approximately £40.


The event was a fantastic success with over 40 participants. It began with an outstanding start. The Year 7 Spelling club competed in the first round, presenting an impressive display of their spelling progress. Next, the Year 7s took to the stage. This year group was extraordinary; they revealed their hidden spelling skills, successfully spelling all the Year 7 word list as well as words from the Year 8 and 9 word lists. The teacher panel, consisting of Miss Fuggle, Miss Sacre, Mr.McNickle, and sixth former Megan Haxell were incredibly impressed. Finally, the Year 8s and 9s competed, spelling some of the toughest words in the whole competition.


Our winners were:

Year 7 Spelling Club:

1. Michelle Beattie

2. Marcela

3. Chante Nelson

Year 7s:

1. Sidni Abdul

2. Mojoy Olatunbosun

3. Anais Amrous


Year 8s:

1. Sia Shauman

2. Leah Fryers-Fogarty

3. Naglis Cizeika

Year 9s:

1. Chimmy Mwanza

2. Shahzeen Sheikh


The event would not have been possible without the help of the English department and the planning committee. A massive thank you to: Miss Fuggle, Miss Zuccaro, Naana Morrison-Arthur, Hardiya Kaur Nandhara, Sarah Haxell, Maddie Landers, and Logan Allen.


Stay tuned for more information about the next upcoming Spelling Bee…PUPILS vs. TEACHERS!


Robert Clack welcomes Alex Dunn from The Bank of England


On Wednesday 8th February we were very happy to welcome Alex Dunn, from the Parliamentary Affairs Group at The Bank of England. Alex came in to speak to Sixth Form Economics students about the workings of the Bank and the changes that have taken place since the economic crisis.  Students were interested to hear that Alex is part of the team that advises the Governor of The Bank of England when he presents to the Treasury Select Committee.  Harris in Year 12 said:


‘Meeting Alex Dunn was an exciting opportunity that I am happy I took. Before I met him I didn't know as much about the Bank of England as I do now. This was helpful to me and everyone else who attended as it gave us extra knowledge for our Economics A-Level. It was especially valuable to me as in the future I would love to work in the Bank of England myself. Alex told us about the history of the Bank, its main aims and the Treasury Select Committee. He also gave us insight into his role in the bank and told us how people from all sorts of educational backgrounds worked there so we should not restrict ourselves. It was great meeting him and I hope to take advantage of these opportunities whenever and wherever possible.’



28th February 2017


Proposed Expansion of Robert Clack School

Click here to find out more


Year 7/8 French Theatre trips to All Saints Catholic School

On Thursday 8th December and Thursday 19th January, 120 of our Year 7/8 students attended a French Theatre Performance at our neighbouring school, All Saints. The school had some tickets to spare and kindly offered them to Robert Clack students. We watched an hour-long play entitled ‘Le Café’ delivered exclusively in French on the 8th and a bilingual performance entitled ‘Shipwrecked’ on the 19th. Many of the students were worried they wouldn’t understand any of it, but they were, in fact, surprised by how much they could comprehend – five of our students, Aastha Subba, Sahat Chowdhury, Anika Anjum, Toni-Ann Barron and Oluwaseye Amakor even got pulled up to participate in the play!

Year 9 Spanish Food Tasting Event

On Friday 24th February 2017, 32 of our Year 9 Spanish students spent their Period 5 lesson trying some authentic food from across a variety of Spanish-speaking countries. Mrs Allen cooked an array of dishes including paella, refried beans, quesadillas, burritos, Cuban black beans, tortilla chips, guacamole and salsa which students thoroughly enjoyed. In addition, Matthew Elsom’s Mum was kind enough to make a type of Spanish cheesecake full of ‘dulce de leche’ (toffee / caramel) which Justin pretty much ate by himself, and a Russian salad which Daniil was upset to learn wasn’t Russian at all! Wesley decided to try something new – cheesecake wrapped in a tortilla and Shane ate so much he struggled to move for Period 6! It was a great experience for all and hopefully they will now be inspired to try to cook some authentic recipes of their own.

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