We are passionate about ensuring that we support students to be mindful and aware. Mindfulness involves learning to direct our attention to our experiences as they unfold, moment by moment, with open-minded curiosity and acceptance. Rather than worrying about what has happened or what might happen. It trains us to respond skilfully to whatever is happening right now, be that good or bad.


Well  conducted  mindfulness  interventions  have  been   shown  to  be  capable  of addressing  the  problems  of   the  young  people  who  take  part,  and  improve  their wellbeing,  reduce  worries,  anxiety,  distress,   reactivity  and  bad  behaviour, improve  sleep,  self-esteem, and  bring about  greater  calmness,   relaxation,  and  self-regulation  and  awareness.


The Myriad Project

Robert Clack School has been selected to take part in an exciting opportunity and partnership with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. The school will be involved in research that will investigate how schools prepare young people to improve resilience and manage their emotional health. The research will take 3 years and will involve our current year 7 and 8 cohort. The research will support wider understanding on the impact of mindfulness on young people.


For more information on the research project please visit: http://www.myriadproject.org/  or click here to download our helpful document.





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