Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium- 2015-2016


The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2).


How much do we receive?


Each pupil is entitled to £500














How did we allocate the premium in 2014-2015?


The following actions were given to all pupils.

• Each pupil in receipt of the premium had a 1 to 1 meeting with a teacher to identify general needs and learning styles early in the academic year.

•  All pupils in receipt of the maths premium had small group mentoring in numeracy.

• All pupils in receipt of the English premium were supported through the accelerated reader program and monitored for progress. In addition they were offered after school literacy support in a number of areas.


What effect did this have in 2014 - 2015?



29 Pupils had a KS2 English level below 4. At the end of year 7;

• On average these pupils made 1.6 sublevels of progress. The year group as a whole made less than 1.5 sublevels of progress.

• All level 2 pupils had become secure level 3 pupils.

• 55% had become level 4.

• 4 pupils made 3 sub levels of progress and 2 pupils made 4 sub levels of progress.



33 pupils had a KS2 maths level of below 4. At the end of year 7;

• On average these pupils made 1.4 levels of progress. The year group as a whole made 1.5 sublevels of progress.

• The number of pupils in level 2 reduced from 5 to 4 but all of these pupils made progress except the 2 indicated below.

2 pupils who were part of this cohort regressed during year 7. Both pupils had a history of poor attendance at primary school and had an attendance during year 7 of less than 50%.



How do we plan to allocate the premium in this academic year?


The plan for 2015-2016 is based upon our evaluation and analysis of last year’s progress and the research from both the DfE and the Sutton trust in the weblinks below;

• All pupils will have an outline meeting early in the academic year to look at Attendance and learning history to date.

• All maths pupils will receive the small group withdrawal numeracy sessions.

• All pupils receive accelerated reader sessions. In addition to these all pupils in receipt of the premium will receive after school sessions to support literacy and writing.

• All pupils will be tracked as a research group for progress in all subjects using the school MIS system SIMS.

• Monitoring of progression will be undertaken by the numeracy and literacy coordinators in the school.

• Any pupil below level 2 on entry will have a timetable reduction considered to accommodate additional 1 to 1 teaching.



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