It is important for us to focus on the key skills of reading, writing and speaking. It is our aim to develop these skills in every classroom at Robert Clack. We place literacy at the heart of what we do to encourage positivity and enthusiasm


As a school we take the literacy of our students very seriously. We ensure that students are supported through a series of targeted and focussed interventions – especially on the lower school site.


We use assemblies to promote the ‘Word of the Week’ and students are very keen to use these words in lessons to extend their vocabulary.


‘Skills for Life’ lessons promote and develop students speaking and listening skills. We feel that developing spoken confidence is reflected in the written responses that students produce.


We encourage reading through a series of exciting competitions and initiatives. All students are expected to carry a book with them at all times and they should be reading for a minimum of 20 minutes per evening.


Each department has a literacy representative to ensure that literacy is addressed throughout the school in every lesson. Please see our literacy policy which is used across the school in all lessons.


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Upper site

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