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The Governing Body of Robert Clack School of Science plays a key role in the success of the school. The Governors have a keen interest in ensuring that pupils receive the best possible education. They work hard at meeting their collective and individual responsibilities through a number of established committees and regular visits to the school.


‘Governors are active and highly supportive. They are important critical friends to senior managers

and other staff.’ (OfSTED ).


The current governing body consists of


  • 3 Parent Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • The Headteacher
  • 2  Staff Governors
  • 5 Community Governors
  • 1 Associate Governor


The term of office for all Governors is four years with the Chair and two Vice-Chairs being elected annually. The full Governing Body meets termly, as does the Curriculum committee; the Finance & Resources and Pupil Discipline committees meet twice each term.


All Governors gain great satisfaction from playing a part in helping to improve the education and life opportunities of our young people, and remain committed to helping the school make continued progress for the benefit of its pupils and their families, its staff and the wider community.


For more information on the role of Governors in Barking & Dagenham schools, and how you might become a school governor, refer to the education section of the Barking & Dagenham website:



Robert Clack School of Science Governing Body


Co- Opted Governor (5 Positions, 0 Vacancies).


The co-opted Governors are elected into office by the current Governing body.



Name – Mr Gary Jarrett (Chair of Governors)

Gary has been a long serving governor with the school and has seen two of his children graduate from Robert Clack. Having a background in business and being a serving pastor, Gary has useful and relevant experience that he brings to the school on a day to day basis. Gary has a wealth of experience in various community roles including London Voluntary Service Council (Crime and Justice).


Gary has been a governor for 8 years and his current term in office runs from 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2018. He has no relevant business interests that may conflict with the schools own interests.


Gary has governor’s responsibility for Health and Safety within the school.



Name – Mr David Cane

David has lived in Barking and Dagenham for over 20 years and worked in the Borough for 16 or those.  He has two children, both of which grew up in the borough.


David has served for over 20 years on the board of Governors for Robert Clack School, with three of those as chair. His current term in office runs from 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2018. David is a member of the Finance, Pupil discipline, Performance Management and Curriculum Committees. David does not have any business interests that may conflict with the schools interests.


David works as a “Quality Director - Europe & South America” for probably the largest producer of Colour in the world. He has no relevant business interests with Robert Clack School.



Name – Mr Roger Driscoll

Roger Driscoll has lived in Dagenham with his wife for 35 years. Both Roger and his wife worked in Dagenham until 2008 when they moved to Epping. Roger still has relatives and friends in Dagenham, and visit frequently. Rogers’s interests include being Secretary of an angling club. Roger is a retired Quantity Surveyor and does not have any business interests that may conflict with the school.


Roger has served on the governing body for 25 years and his current term in office runs from 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2018. He is a member of the Finance, Curriculum, Pupil Discipline, Appeals, Pupil Exclusion Appeals, Staffing, HT's Performance Management sub committees. Roger has the governor’s responsibility for SEN within the school.



Name -  Mr Gary Pickett

Gary has lived in East London all of his life. His career of over 38 years with Barking & Dagenham council has made him a well respected servant and well known to many within the community as has my long period on the Governing body of the school. Gary has also been an active Trade Unionist with NALGO and latterly UNISON throughout his 38 years of service in Local Government. Gary has no other business interests that may conflict with the school.


Gary has been a long serving Co-Opted governor of the school for 22 years and is the current Vice Chair of Governors. Gary is a member of the Discipline, Finance, Curriculum, and Head Teachers Pay Review committees.

His current term in office runs from 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2018.




Parent Governors (3 positions, 0 vacancies).


The parent Governors are elected by the parent body as a vote.



Name – Mrs Edith Akinnawonu

Edith has lived in Dagenham for the past 5 years with her husband and three daughters, who all attend Robert Clack School. Edith has a wealth of experience as a governor, formerly a parent governor for 6 years at Orchard Primary school, Hackney including being the vice Chair of governors for 4 years. Edith works as a Tobacco Control Support Manager and Community Health Volunteer and this does not represent any conflict of business interest with the school.


Edith has been a parent governor for the past two years and her current term in office runs from 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2018. Edith belongs to the Curriculum and Pupil discipline committee and is Chair of the Anti-Bullying and Attendance Committees.



Name- Mrs Fatima Titi Olujide-Ogunnubi

Fatima is a recent appointment to the Board of Governors but brings a wealth of experience from being a previous Chair of Governors at a local primary school. Fatima currently works as an admin assistant and is heavily involved in the community, as she is a member of the Metropolitan Police Independent Advisory Group.


Fatima is currently on the finance and curriculum committees. Fatima has been appointed to the board this year and current term as governor runs until 8/3/2020. Fatima has no relevant business interests that may conflict with the schools interests.


Name - Mr Ibrahim Hemaida

Mr Ibrahim Hemaida has lived in the area with his family since 2015 and his son attends Robert Clack School.


Ibrahim works as a Senior Anaesthetic Practitioner with the NHS and is a volunteer membner of the UK Emergency Medical Team (UKEMT) which internationally represents the UK in responding to sudden-onset disasters providing emergency medical support.


Ibrahim has been elected as a Parent Governor recently and his term of office will run until 21st May 2022. He is passionate about his voluntary work and is driven by a desire to get the best for all the children of Robert Clack School, as well as for their familities and the wider community.





Local Authority Representative

The Local Authority Representative is an appointed person from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.


Name – Mr J Devereux


Mr Devereux has been appointed to the board and will be in office until 1/11/2019.


Mr Devereux is currently the Attendance Lead for the Education Division Inclusion Attendance Service.



Staff Governor (HeadTeacher)

This role is currently filled by the Headteacher of Robert Clack School. This is not an elected position.


Name – Mr Russell Taylor


Staff Governor

This is a single elected position, elected by the staffing body.


Name – Mr Antony Whitfield


Antony Whitfield has been teaching for a total of 31 years. He ha so far spent 18 of those years at Robert Clack. Prior to this, he spent 6 years as a Naval Officer.


Antony became a governor to represent the interests of the staffing body, offering advice and support to the governors in order to help them ensure the continued school’s success through strategic planning, and the continued improvement of standards throughout the school. Antony has no relevant business interests that may conflict with the schools interests.

Antony Whitfield has been a staff governor for two years, and his current term in the post ends on the 17/12/2017.

Antony does not chair any committee positions and is there in an advisory capacity.



Observer – (1 positions, 1 vacancy)

Miss Emily Lines, as business manager for Robert Clack, has been invited to the Governors meetings.







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