The Ford Mentoring Programme

As part of the Business in the Community’s Business Class Programme, Ford workers have been volunteering their time to come into school to support some of our most vulnerable students.


The Ford Mentoring Programme was launched back in 2012 to provide one to one mentoring for a number of our students to help boost their confidence and inspire them to achieve their future goals.


These sessions take place once a fortnight, each Mentor is allocated two students chosen by their Head of Year. During these sessions the students are given the opportunity to discuss any issues from personal to academic to provide them with any support and advice they may need. Mentors share their own life experiences from school to how they progressed into their career paths.


To experience a day in the working life of their mentor, each year a visit is arranged for all students taking part in the programme to visit The Ford Motor Company. They have a tour of the factory floor where they can see all the engine parts being made, which is fascinating. The students are shown how to load cars onto a transporter, which requires some very skilful driving and last year’s visit included a trip to the Heritage centre where all of the vintage cars are stored which the students enjoyed immensely.


This programme has now been successfully running for five years, all of the students that have taken part have expressed how helpful these sessions have been to them, from boosting their confidence to possibly even entering into a career with Ford.


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