Food Science and Nutrition Level 3 Diploma (A Level equivalent)



WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition

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The WJEC Eduqas GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition equips learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating.

It encourages learners to cook, enables them to make informed decisions about food and nutrition and allows them to acquire knowledge in order to be able to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously, now and later in life.

 This specification has been designed to enable centres to concentrate on innovative delivery of the course whilst creating a balance between practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding.

The layout of the content into six areas of content promotes flexibility of delivery, and releasing two tasks for each of the assessments that constitute the non-examination assessment will ensure learners are able to complete assessments suitable to their needs and that of the centre.

By studying food preparation and nutrition learners will:

 • be able to demonstrate effective and safe cooking skills by planning, preparing and cooking a variety of food commodities whilst using different cooking techniques and equipment

 • develop knowledge and understanding of the functional properties and chemical characteristics of food as well as a sound knowledge of the nutritional content of food and drinks

 • understand the relationship between diet, nutrition and health, including the physiological and psychological effects of poor diet and health

• understand the economic, environmental, ethical and socio-cultural influences on food availability, production processes, diet and health choices

 • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of functional and nutritional properties, sensory qualities and microbiological food safety considerations when preparing, processing, storing, cooking and serving food

 • understand and explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions (traditional British and international) to inspire new ideas or modify existing recipes.



Prior learning and progression


This specification builds on subject content which is typically taught at Key Stage 3 and provides a suitable foundation for the study of WJEC Level 3 Food, Science and Nutrition, and other food-related courses at either AS or A level. In addition, this specification provides a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for learners who do not progress to further study in this subject.


Areas of Content

1. Food commodities

2. Principles of nutrition

3. Diet and good health

4. The science of food

5. Where food comes from

6. Cooking and food preparation




Post 16 food course



About the subject


WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition

An understanding of food science and nutrition is relevant to many industries and job roles. Care providers and nutritionists in hospitals use this knowledge, as do sports coaches and fitness instructors. Hotels and restaurants, food manufacturers and government agencies also use this understanding to develop menus, food products and policies that that support healthy eating initiatives.

Many employment opportunities within the field of food science and nutrition are available to graduates. The WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition has been designed to provide learners with underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills to progress to further study and training. It offers exciting and interesting experiences that focus learning for 16-19 year-old learners and adult learners through applied learning, i.e. through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the food production industry.

 Although there are no formal entry requirements, the qualification supports progression from Level 2 particularly GCSEs in Hospitality and Catering, Home Economics: Food and Nutrition, Design and Technology: Food Technology, Biology and Physical Education as well as vocational qualifications such as the WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Hospitality and Catering.

 The qualification is generally delivered over two years and is likely to be studied in schools or colleges alongside GCE A Levels and other L3 vocational qualifications. Qualification structure and content The WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition is made up of four units:


1.       Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Specific groups

2.       Ensuring Food is Safe to Eat External Mandatory

3.       Experimenting to Solve Food Production Internal Optional

4.       Current Issues in Food Science and Nutrition External Optional

All learners must take Units One and Two and then select either Unit Three or Unit Four.


The applied purpose will also allow learners to learn in such a way that they develop:

 · skills required for independent learning and development

 · a range of generic and transferable skills

 · the ability to solve problems

 · the skills of project based research, development and presentation

 · the fundamental ability to work alongside other professionals, in a professional environment

· the ability to apply learning in vocational contexts.

 All units within the WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition are vocationally relevant to the food production industry.


The WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition is assessed through a combination of a written exam and external assignment set and marked by WJEC and two centre marked assignments.


Together with relevant Level 3 qualifications such as AS and A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Sociology and Maths and/or Level 3 qualifications in Hospitality or Science, learners will gain the required knowledge to progress to higher education degree courses, such as:

 • BSc Food and Nutrition

 • BSc Human Nutrition

 • BSc (Hons) Public Health Nutrition

 • BSc (Hons) Food Science and Technology



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