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Media and Film Careers

The Creative Industries now contribute £80 billion to the UK economy annually and represent 5% of the UK economy. The Creative Industries sector is growing four times faster than any other sector of the UK economy. The sector is predicted to grow by 20% by 2022. 72% of people who work in the Creative Industries are graduates. Over 50% have creative or media related degrees and this figure is increasing each year. Media and film graduates have one of the highest employment rates of any degree course. The sector is growing so quickly that there is a growing skills crisis, therefore employment opportunities are expanding compared with most other graduate professions.


Media and Film at Robert Clack

A Level Media Studies has been taught at Robert Clack School since 1998. The subject has achieved outstanding success with a 100% pass rate at A Level. Media Studies is a mixture of academic study and practical skills.

The A Level Film Studies course at Robert Clack has been rated as amongst the top 1% of schools in the country.

Last year Robert Clack Media students worked with the Ford Motor Company to plan, film and produce their new Health and Safety film at the Dagenham plant.

In 2015 90% of BTEC Creative Media Production students at Robert Clack achieved either a Distinction or Distinction* - the highest grades

Every year many Media students are inspired to continue their studies at University.

Year 12 Overview

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Year 13 Overview

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FM1: Exploring Film Form

Coursework – 40% of the AS Course

One essay on a film of your choice analysing the construction of a short sequence (1500 words)

A short film in the horror genre

Reflective analysis


FM2: British and American Film

Exam 60%

Topics Include:

The Film Industry in both the UK and USA

British Horror – a comparative study of two British horror films

American Science-Fiction – a comparative study of two American films of different eras from the science-fiction genre


FM3: Film Research and Creative Projects


50% of A2 course

Small scale research project

To develop research skills

One focus film

Looking at auteur theory

Creative project

A short film in the surrealist genre

Planning and reflective analysis


FM4: Varieties of Film Experience – Issues and Debates


50% of A2

Section A

World Cinema

Surrealist cinema

Section B

Spectatorship Topics

Documentary cinema

Section C

Single Film – Critical Study

Exam board used for A Level or BTEC


AS 218101

A2 318101

Link to the specification from the exam board

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