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English Literature A Level



English Literature


Subject leader

Mr Butler - Subject Leader for English

Mr Mullen (KS5 Co-ordinator for English)


About the subject

The aim of the English Literature course is to encourage an enjoyment and appreciation of English Literature. The A-level English Literature specification aims to develop skills of analysis, critical writing and interpretation through the study of novels, poetry and drama.

Discussion is an important element of the course and, wherever possible, active participation in the learning situation is encouraged.

English Literature is a very popular subject at Degree level. ‘A’ level English Literature is a highly regarded academic subject and its skills are transferable to degrees in subjects such as History, Law and Media Studies. Students will receive a thorough and engaging grounding in English Literature and will develop a range of highly desirable academic skills.

English Literature is a popular and highly respected academic subject amongst employers and universities and its skills are transferable to a range of degrees in the humanities and the arts.


Year 12 Overview

(New Spec)

Component 1: Shakespeare and Poetry pre-1900

(Richard III and The Merchant’s Tale)


Component 2: Drama  and Prose post 1900

(A Streetcar Named Desire and The Great Gatsby)



1.    Shakespeare and Poetry pre – 1900  Exam 1 Hr 30 minutes.

2.    Drama and Prose post 1900 Exam 1 hr 45 minutes


Year 13 Overview

Component 1:  Shakespeare, Drama and Poetry pre-1900

(Richard III, The Merchant’s Tale and The Merchant’s Tale)


Component 2: Comparative and contextual study

(The Great Gatsby and The Grapes of Wrath)


Component 3:  Coursework

(A Streetcar Named Desire, Pink Mist and Regeneration


1.       Shakespeare, Drama and poetry pre-1900 Exam 2 hrs 30 mins

2.       Comparative and contextual study: 2 hrs 30 minutes

 Coursework: 3000 word portfolio.


Exam board used for A Level


OCR - H472 (A2) and H072 (AS).


Link to the specification from the exam board

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