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About the subject

Studying Drama encourages students to:

■ develop a personal interest in why drama matters

■ work imaginatively and creatively in collaborative contexts, generating, developing and communicating ideas

■ consider and explore the impact of social, historical and cultural influences on drama texts and activities

■ reflect on and evaluate their own work and the work of others

■ develop and demonstrate competence in a range of practical, creative and performance skills

■ develop a basis for their future role as active citizens in employment and society in general, as well as for the possible further study of drama

■ actively engage in the process of dramatic study in order to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with inquiring minds.

Year 12 Overview

(new Spec)

Year 12 students who wish to develop their Drama education continue to take the subject as an A Level Drama and Theatre Studies qualification. The AS Level begins with Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre, which introduces students to the content of plays written for the theatre. Students will study two plays in a practical and active way as well as complete evaluation notes. Students are also required to experience a live theatre performance and submit an evaluation. Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance offers students the chance to develop and demonstrate their performance skills in front of a visiting examiner. The first section requires students to perform either a monologue or duologue. The second section requires students to contribute to a group performance of a professionally published play by a known writer.

AS Drama and Theatre Studies (8DR01)

Year 13 Overview

(new Spec)

Exam board used for A Level or BTEC

In Year 13, students progress into the A2 qualification with Unit 3: Exploration of Dramatic Performance. This requires students to create a unique and original piece of theatre. Students will be assessed on both the process of creation, the finished product in the form of a performance to an invited audience as well as a written evaluation of the practical work. Finally, in Unit 4: Theatre Text in Context, students prepare for a final written exam, which requires the detailed study of one play text and one historical period of theatrical development. The assessment takes the form of a 2-hour-and-30-minute written paper.


A2 Drama and Theatre Studies (9DR01)

Exam board used for A Level: Edexcel AS/A Level in Drama and Theatre Studies (8DR01/9DR01)

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