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About the subject

Robert Clack Dance department aims to offer a wide range of activities and opportunities to students, both during curriculum time and through extra-curricular activities. The main aims of the department are;

To promote and nurture creativity and give students a platform in which to share their ideas and talents.

To promote physical and mental wellbeing.

To encourage students to continue to participate in Dance outside of school and in their post-school life.

To provide equal opportunities for all students to access Dance in school.

To provide opportunities for those students who have exceptional talent, or interest in Dance, so that they are able to reach their full potential.

Students will be taught Dance within their PE lessons for the first three years at Robert Clack. All students will have at least twelve weeks of Dance throughout each year and will have the opportunity to perform some of their class work in an informal studio setting. Students are assessed at the end of the twelve week scheme of work, assessment is based on their choreographic, performance and evaluation skills.


Year 7 Overview

In year 7 pupils get the opportunity to study different dance styles in order to broaden their initial knowledge and understanding of dance.  They will looks at the stylistic features and skills needed to perform Jazz, Jive and Bollywood.


Year 8 Overview

In year 8 pupils study a unit of work called ‘Dance by Chance’ in this unit they will start to develop their choreographic skills and start to learn about motif development.


Year 9 Overview

In year 9 pupils study a professional dance work called ‘Faultline’  whereby they will look at communicating a theme through dance, whilst continuing to develop their choreographic and physical dance skills.


Year 10 Overview

We currently offer the Level 2 BTEC tech award in Performing Arts/Dance in years 10 and 11.  Students may take this as one of their options when they choose these in year 9. The course studied is equivalent to 1 GCSE grade A*-C. As part of the course students have the opportunity to perform in numerous venues such as the Kenneth Moore Theatre in Ilford where we hold our school Dance show each year, The Broadway Theatre in Barking, and the Copper box.

In year 10 the students study 2 components:

Exploring the Performing Arts:

In this component students will look at range of different choreographers and professionals in the industry who work in different styles e.g. contemporary, Jazz, Street. They will study the way that they work and some of their works and will even learn some of the choreography. This unit is assessed through a choreography journal, presentation and through filmed workshops.

Developing skills and techniques in the Performing Arts: In this component students will take part in technique classes in Contemporary and Jazz and develop their physical skills. They will then learn two pieces of repertoire from professional works in the contrasting styles, and develop their understanding of themes of the pieces. Students will work in rehearsal to develop their interpretive skills thus enabling them to communicate the themes and ideas of the pieces in performance. Students will perform both pieces in the Dance show and will be assessed on their performance and a skills development journal that they will keep each week.


Year 11 Overview

Performing to a brief: In this component student’s draw on all of the skills that they have developed so far to create a group piece of around 10 minutes. The exam board release a stimulus or starting point and the students create their piece based on this and any other research that they find inspiring. They are assessed externally, and assessment is based on two short written pieces outlining their rehearsal and creative process, their final performance, and a final evaluative write up.


Exam board used for GCSE

BTEC - Edexcel


Link to the specification from the exam board

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