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Dance Level 3 BTEC (A Level equivalent)





Subject leader

Mrs S Crisp


About the subject

Robert Clack Dance department aims to offer a wide range of activities and opportunities to students, both during curriculum time and through extra-curricular activities. The main aims of the department are;

• To promote and nurture creativity and give students a platform in which to share their ideas and talents.

• To promote physical and mental wellbeing.

• To encourage students to continue to participate in Dance outside of school and in their post-school life.

• To provide equal opportunities for all students to access Dance in school.

• To provide opportunities for those students who have exceptional talent, or interest in Dance, so that they are able to reach their full potential.


Year 12 and 13 Overview

Dance at KS5

We currently offer the Level 3 BTEC Extended Certificate in Performing Arts/Dance at year 12 and 13. Students may take this as one of their options when they choose these in year 11. The course studied is equivalent to 1 A level grade A*-E and runs for 6 lessons a week. Much the same as the KS4 course, many different Dance styles are studied and there is a focus on vocational and practical learning with a particular emphasis on performing. Students create their own choreography during the course and have the chance to perform in shows and at other events. Both Jazz and Contemporary technique are studied in depth to give students a good technical grounding should they wish to go onto further training in Dance such as a university degree course.  Over the course of the two years pupils will study 4 units outlined below.

1. Investigating practitioners work- students study the life and work of three practitioners in detail. They look at what has influenced them in their lives and how this impacts their work. They will study the work both theoretically and practically to gain a deeper understanding. This unit is externally marked and culminates in a 2000 word essay based on a theme and how two of the practitioners work fits into it.

2. Developing skills and techniques for live performance- Students study two dance styles in this unit and develop their technique through weekly classes in Jazz and Contemporary. Once they have developed their skills they learn two pieces of professional repertoire and rehearse these to prepare for a performance. Students also look into the life of a working dancer/performer and keep a working diary of the process of developing skills and learning movement. Assessment is based on a fact file outlining the life of a dancer, a rehearsal blog and footage from rehearsals and final performances.

3. Group performance workshop- Students study choreographic devices and processes and take part in workshops to develop their use of these. They work from a range of stimuli to create mini pieces and critique their work as they go. Students also research further into stimuli and find new ways of developing ideas from the initial idea. The exam board release a theme that the students work from to create a final 20 minute group piece, they compete 3 short essays whilst working on the piece which outline their processes and research. The unit is externally assessed and based on the short essays and their final group performance.

4. Contemporary Dance technique- Students study the pioneers of Contemporary dance both practically and theoretically. They look into what has influenced the movement and ideas behind the techniques, and develop their skills through technique classes in Limon, Release, Cunningham and Graham technique. Once they have developed their skills they learn and perform a contemporary Dance group piece. Assessment is based on a rehearsal blog outlining skills development, a presentation or essay outlining the developments of Contemporary Dance and filmed classes and final performances.


Exam board used for A Level or BTEC

BTEC - Edexcel


Link to the specification from the exam board


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