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Child Protection and Safeguarding

Parents, carers and schools all need to work together to ensure that children and young people are kept safe.


Schools have a statutory responsibility to ensure that they have systems in place to protect and safeguard children. We have a Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy which is regularly updated taking into account any revisions to statutory guidance. We have a very well established system to address any concerns that may be raised and parents and carers should be assured that ALL staff are aware of their responsibilities in this area.


All staff in the school receive training on child protection and safeguarding matters every year and we have a designated team of colleagues who deal with any concerns.  Ms McNamara is the designated lead for safeguarding and she is supported by Mr Argent, Mrs Schofield and Mrs Taylor.


We work very closely with external agencies where necessary. We will always make parents fully aware of any referrals that we make unless there is a specific reason not to do so as advised by Children’s Services.


Safeguarding issues are addressed with pupils in school through a range of lessons and activities. These include, Skills for Life, PSHE lessons, year group PSHE days and ICT lessons as well as through the school assembly programme.


Pupils are encouraged to talk to teachers if they have any concerns or worries. We also have excellent pupil support systems in school including learning mentors and school counsellors as well as accessing additional help from outside agencies.


There are many issues that maybe a cause for concern but there are also many opportunities to get help and support.


Technology is constantly changing as are the different types of social media. This is quite often a concern for parents and carers as we know that a minority of people use these sites to groom children and make inappropriate contact. We advise parents and carers to make themselves familiar with the sites and apps that their children are using. Also, young people should not be allowed long periods of unsupervised access to the internet. We advise that computers are in a shared space at home and that mobile phones are regularly checked and usage discussed with your child.

There are a number of sites now that allow people to broadcast messages clearly identifying where they are and this potentially can cause problems. Sites such as ‘Periscope’ have been identified as a possible cause for concern where the specific location of the broadcaster is available.


There are also specific personal safety concerns relating to personal images that children and young people may share on line. We do address these issues with the pupils at school and know this is an area that parents and carers will also


discuss with their children.

There are a number of excellent sites which offer advice and guidance for parents and young people and we recommend that you visit these sites on a regular basis to ensure that you are well informed on all e-safety issues.


The NSPCC is an excellent resource and can be accessed at


There is an excellent resource relating to e safety and concerns around internet safety and can be accessed at


There has recently been a lot of media coverage relating to radicalisation and parents and carers can access information about this on the 'educate against hate' website


Concerns around drug use are regularly in the media and there is a lot of helpful information relating to drugs on the ‘Talk to Frank’ website which can be accessed at


There are other issues which parents and carers may be concerned about. Parents and carers who have any safeguarding concerns or worries at all are always welcome to contact us here at school so that together, we can work to ensure the safety of all our young people.


Please telephone the school office and ask to speak to one of the designated Child Protection / Safeguarding team if you have any questions or concerns.



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