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Robert Clack is proud of it's extensive careers and work related learning programme. Students have many opportunities to consider their career choices and experience real life work experiences. We offer many opportunities for training, apprenticeship and vocational education providers to speak to students.


If you are interested in speaking to our students, more details can be found here.


Years 7, 8 and 9


In years 7, 8 and 9, the careers education programme is delivered as part of the Skills for Life Curriculum by pupils’ form tutors. Each year of the programme aims to get pupils to consider a range of potential careers and the pathways to them, the etiquette required for life and the workplace and future subject options with potential careers in mind.


At Year 7, pupils are encouraged to consider what they are good at and like to do in order to ascertain what career paths they might enjoy. Pupils are introduced to a range of careers through case studies and consider and make the targets for the academic year which are necessary to open the door to as many careers as possible.


In Year 8, pupils are introduced to the concept of etiquette for the workplace and wider life. Pupils are given lessons in body language and personal etiquette to ensure that they are able to give the best presentation of themselves possible. These skills are an essential bedrock for the sessions that are delivered in Years 10 and 11 as part of CV and interview preparation.


At Year 9, with the fact that pupils will be selecting their GCSE options in mind, careers education ensures that pupils are aware of the skills they need for future careers that interest them. They begin to consider options after Year 11, as well as job application and interview preparation.



Year 10 and Year 11


All students take part in a Work Experience programme selecting choices on line and through own family contacts, the programme is run in partnership with Trident for a pre-16 one week placement in June each year. Pupils also have work experience debriefing and feedback following on from their work experience placements.


In year 10 the careers education  and work experience preparation programme is delivered  via their form tutors under the guidance of the Head of Careers. These sessions range from opportunity awareness, use of the school’s careers library, Kudos careers software application and career profile whole school assemblies.


In year 11 the careers education programme explores CV and personal statement preparation, application form preparation, opportunity awareness, workplace protocol and employer presentations.


Apprenticeship/College presentations and visits are also delivered in both year 10 and 11 on the expanding range of subject choices available, professional training providers come into school to deliver these presentations. Local visits to colleges and universities are also organised to raise aspirations and opportunity awareness of higher education opportunities and the academic application process required.


On an ongoing basis professional employers ranging from the Livery Company of Chartered Surveyors, Ford Motor Company and members of Robert Clack’s Alumni come into lessons for professional careers presentations.

A variety of careers educational visits are organised for year 10 students,  including presentations at Canary Wharf, City of London opportunities in banking, surveying , law and property and general careers fairs.


Careers interviews and specific careers workshops are also available from our borough Careers service.

A Robert Clack 'Employers interview skills day' is organised for the whole year group, we have 30 employers coming into school to interview each pupil, offering advice on perfecting their interview skills and personal confidence.


All year 11 students will have a Individual 50 minute careers interviews during which each pupil is interviewed and prepared with an A4 written pro-active action plan to prepare them for their many choices post 16, whether this be 6th form apprenticeship or college places.


Further professional apprenticeship/College presentations from a variety of outside providers covering the application process, the selection criteria and course contents and entrance requirements are available to all students.


Year 12


• Every student has been offered work experience at placements within London – including at hospitals, chambers, businesses and schools.

• A series of 5 progression days were run to advise students on careers and higher education.

• All students were advised on the components of an effective UCAS personal statement. They also created a UCAS account, attached it to the school and completed the basic information.

• Students heard from an alumni panel and were able to get career specific advice.

• Students have been offered sessions at CU London to understand applications to HE and opportunities with apprenticeships.

• Students have all been given access to UniFrog and begun to used it to construct their ideas on what to do after school and their next steps.

• Students attended a higher education fair at the University of East London.


Year 13


• Various assemblies have been held to guide careers and education choices – including those run by external speakers and alumni.

• Alumni links have been utilized to support students in various capacities. Students have had access to support for competitive university courses through alumni mentoring.

• Students have attended taster sessions run at CU London

• All students have been met individually on several occasions to give them 1-1 advice on their UCAS applications or apprenticeship search.

• All apprenticeship students have met with Frank Wrightson our careers advisor.

• An all-day employability day was run by Rosalind Hall from the borough to give students CV advice, apprenticeship guidance and interview practice.

• All students have been offered practice interviews  for university or apprenticeships (where applicable).

• Links to the Livery Company of Chartered Surveyors and Cushman and Wakefield has enabled students to access to surveying jobs and funded university scholarships.



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