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Biology A Level


Subject leader

Dr F Cook


About the subject

Biology at A level aims to equip pupils with a broad understanding of biological processes and stimulate, develop and sustain an interest in biological sciences. A range of topics are covered including human, environmental and applied aspects of the subject. Starting from the basics of biochemistry and cell biology, pupils will build an understanding of how living systems work, and how sometimes they go wrong in disease. Pupils also develop their experimental skills during practical work.


Biology provides an excellent preparation for the study of sciences in Higher Education or other technical or medical careers.


Year 12 Overview (new Spec)

Module 1 – Development of practical skills in biology

Module 2 – Foundations in biology

Module 3 – Exchange and transport

Module 4 – Biodiversity, evolution and disease


Year 13 Overview (New Spec)

Module 5 – Communication, homeostasis and energy

Module 6 – Genetics, evolution and ecosystems


Practical Endorsement awarded to all pupils that successfully complete the practical requirements of the course.


Exam board used for A Level or BTEC

OCR Biology A - H020, H420 (from 2015)


Link to the specification from the exam board

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