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Behaviour plays an important role in the success of Robert Clack School of Science. Pupils at the school display excellent behaviour and are respectful to peers and staff. The attitude of pupils towards learners is instilled from the first day in Year 7, where a healthy atmosphere of respect allows students to develop both inside and outside of the classroom.


On a day to day basis, there are a number of rules that students must follow:

• Pupils are expected to behave with courtesy and respect towards others at all times whilst in school and within our local/wider community.


• Pupils must attend school regularly and be punctual.


• Pupils must be prepared for lessons with the correct equipment including: school planner, work books, reading books, black pens, pencils, coloured pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener, compass, protractor and scientific calculator. They must also have their PE kit if required for the day.


• Pupils must meet deadlines and keep to the homework schedule.


• Pupils must walk on the left side of the corridor and adhere to the one-way policy.


• Correct school uniform shall be worn at all times by pupils (outlined in uniform policy). All student property should be clearly labelled.


• Eating and drinking is not allowed in the corridors, classrooms or outside on the school grounds.


• The following items are prohibited on school site: chewing gum, cigarettes, lighters, matches, correction fluids, aerosols, mobile phones, electronic books, laser pens, metal combs, MP3/4 players.


• Valuable items should not be brought into school. The school cannot take responsibility for the loss of personal items as defined. (The Governing body allows all students in an emergency to contact home free of charge from the school office phone).


• Photographic or video images of staff and pupils must not be used or passed on to third parties eg. Websites (unless written permission has been obtained).


• At lunchtimes all students must stay on site.


• If leaving the school site with permission, students must gain authorisation from their Community Leader and obtain a pink slip from the attendance office.


• Pupils may be kept on site for a 15minute detention without prior notice. Detentions longer than 15minutes will require 24 hours notice. This will be written in the school planner.


• Students should only be in the building between 8.00am and 3.30pm unless they are taking part in a supervised activity.


These rules all contribute to making Robert Clack a safe and effective learning environment.


Further details of the school behaviour policy can be found HERE.

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