Level 1 certificate in Beauty Therapy

Subject leader

Mrs Jodie Rose

About the subject

This is a skills based course which aims to deliver level 1 beauty therapy skills through years 10-11.  It prepares the student for an assisting role in beauty therapy, with a focus on manicures, facials and make-up treatments. The students will also learn how to prepare and maintain the beauty therapy work area. Throughout the year students will study both the practical and theoretical side of each treatment.  Students will complete assessments on clients for each unit. A percentage of study will be allocated for related anatomy and physiology. Due to the level of knowledge required to obtain a level 1 qualification, it is essential that students should attend lessons regularly and show a willingness to work on clients during assessment days. This course is a step towards the level 2 course which can be chosen as a full-time Sixth Form subject.

Beauty Therapy


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Year 10 Overview

Year 10 is seen as the introduction to the Beauty Therapy course and gives pupils an excellent insight into the key aspects of working safely within a Beauty Salon. The topics that students will study include:

• G20 Ensure responsibility for actions to reduce risks to health and safety

• B1 Prepare and maintain salon treatment

• B2 Assist with facial skin care

Year 11 Overview

Year 11 builds upon the skills developed in Year 10 and further increases the repertoire of skills and knowledge students have within the Beauty Salon. The topics that students will study include:


• G3 Contribute to the development of effective working

• B3 Assist with day make up

• N1 assist with nail service

Exam board used for GCSE

VTCT CODE, 500/9332/0

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