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Assemblies play a significant role at Robert Clack, providing a formal opportunity to recognise the outstanding achievements of our pupils and to celebrate national and international events that influence their lives. These events form the backbone of the school calendar, and are explored through weekly themes such as black history month, road safety and bullying. These important issues are addressed in assemblies and forms are encouraged to present upon a selected theme to promote their confidence and presentation skills to large audiences. The themes for the week, and helpful hints for literacy are shown in a week by week table at the bottom of the page.


The Robert Clack culture is one of respect, and through assemblies, students celebrate the endeavours of their peers both academically and in extracurricular pursuits. Each subject will award a practitioner of the week award to someone who has demonstrated excellence within the subject. A pupil of the week is also awarded to an individual who has been an exceptional member of the school community. These awards, along with others are a chance to recognise achievement and promote the positive culture of the school.


For a detailed breakdown of the SMSC initiative and British values, please click HERE.

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