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Year 7 Overview

Pupils follow a structured mixed media course that explores a wide range of skills, techniques and processes. The core element running throughout all three years is that of drawing, painting, 3D, printmaking and investigation into artists, designers and cultures.

In preparation for GCSE Art and Design, pupils are encouraged to support class work by exploring their own ideas.

Pupils at KS3 work in sketch books for class work and home work. Class work is marked on a weekly basis and homework is set every 2 weeks and is marked with the department policy procedure. Levels for years 7, 8 and 9 are recorded termly in sketch books. Self-evaluation forms are completed at the end of each project and pupils assess their own work on a regular basis.



Term 1: Drawing

Pupils explore all areas of drawing, including line, mark making and tone. Pupils will produce a final piece influenced by an artist.

Term 2: Colour

Pupils will understand and explore all areas of colour, including colour theory and the colour wheel. Pupils will work with paint and other media techniques.

Term 3: Colour and Tone

Pupils will understand how colour and tone can be combined together. Pupils will produce a final piece based on an artist.


Year 8 Overview

Term 1: Portraits

Pupils will learn how to draw a portrait in proportion.  They will learn how to create a self-portrait and portraits of others. Pupils will create a final piece based on a self-portrait and identity.

Term 2: Figures

Pupils will learn how to draw a figure in proportion. Pupils will research figurative artists and will create a final piece on figure and identity.

Term 3: Figure and Space

Pupils will research figure and space and will work with 2D and 3D. Pupils will create a final piece looking at depth and space, looking at fashion illustration and 3D sculpture.


Year 9 Overview

Term 1, 2 and 3

Throughout the year, pupils will explore landscape, objects and viewpoints.

This scheme of work is designed to cover all assessment objectives with in the GCSE framework. It has been designed to introduce Year 9 pupils to the working process used within the GCSE course structure. Whilst still supporting skills development it will provide opportunities for more independent work.

 Year 10 Overview












In Year 10 the GCSE Art and Design course begins with a skills based workshop based on natural forms. This project is designed to hone core skills in drawing, proportion and mark making to a high level, as well as encouraging careful study and critical analysis of artists work. This project leads into the first of two teacher led projects. This is structured as a more personal project and investigation that is typical at GCSE level. Although the theme is decided by individual teachers it will relate to natural forms but will elaborate on ideas and build on skills developed during the workshop phase. Students continue to use a range of media and processes, and are encouraged to work both collaboratively and more independently. Students are required to respond to a broad theme such as ‘Growth and Evolution' and develop a personal outcome. Students then go on to refine their skills in their second project. The personal project allows students to investigate a given theme within a media of their choice and develop their conceptual thinking skills in preparation for Year 11. Sketchbooks are used as a way to present and document their ideas, processes, exhibition visits and visual research.

 Year 11 Overview









In Year 11, we encourage students to work more independently and apply their understanding, skills and their ability to experiment. The department aims to build on students’ conceptual and visual literacy skills so they begin to think more like artists. Students complete one personal investigation before they are set the externally set assignment by the examination board. During the set preparation period students are encouraged to work in a very personal way to shape the development of their own ideas and work through a variety of media. Students are always encouraged to visit galleries and look at the work of contemporary artists through creative blogs and websites, in order to inform their ideas, development and research. Sketchbooks are used as a way to present and document their creative processes, exhibition visits and visual research.

 Exam Board Followed






The GCSE Examination board for Art and Design is Edexcel; Specification codes: 2AD01

GCSE Art and Design is a two year course during which pupils produce two units of coursework accounting for 60% of the final grade. The terminal examination involves ten weeks preparation for the timed test and accounts for the remaining 40% of marks. Throughout the course pupils keep a work journal in the form of a sketch book. Pupils have the opportunity to work with different materials to create images.

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